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  1. Amazing that you can go through so much turmoil and still stay so positive…

    Also amazing how open kids are, and how closed we have all grown over time… wish we could all see fairies :p

  2. A living prophet, and a true Queen.
    When unthinkable trauma arrived to the Caribbean, she guided her brothers and sisters to the Light, teaching our future generations of the Truth which was so carefully kept from them.
    And when all was lost, she had lost nothing, retaining her gratitude and holding the Light.
    Jewel continues to shine on this area of the world which so desperately needed her.

    It is awe inspiring to live and love in this time, where heaven and Earth become one and legends emerge in all corners of the globe, with ‘miracles’ all over!

    Priceless Princess Jewel, we love you.

  3. Priceless Jewel gives of herself and never asks for anything in return. She has been the hero in my eyes for the children. Her sacrifice and efforts are an example of doing the right thing regardless of your circumstances. We as people in general don’t see beyond the 3D world of this taught reality. It is very different indeed. Just know it is of love and compassion for self and other’s is what each of need to do. Let her light shine on to be a way shower to the world. I appreciate having her in my life also. Very encouraging, motivating with so much energy giving of herself. I support her, always will. If you need help and on the path to healing you will want to follow her and take advantage of her gifts. Gently holding you.

  4. Love ya quiet nature and deep poise…your WORDS felt so lovingly light and full of wisdom…thank ya for dis Gift…May our Lord bless ya for allowing YOURSELF to BE used in a WAY dat touches on Da Heart of Da issues…Keep shining and radiating Da aura of Christ consciousness to 🌎 and beyond

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