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  1. SHERI I love this so much now I want to go dig through all of my boxes to find my mom‘s letters and these beautiful letters my dad wrote her.
    Our parents had such great love of everything!
    Yes people need to register to vote!
    And they have to be extremely mindful.

  2. Sherita – A beautiful tribute to your mother and her wonderful ways. I have some saved letters and notes over the years, but know I will probably not have much to add, as it is not done much these days. I WILL be channeling that impulse into VoteForward!!!!…ordering a new list today.
    Peace Pal J

  3. Sheri, you are a magnificent treasure. How perfect and poignant that you would think to bring back the lost art of communicating love via letter in a time that we have been separated by fear.

    As always, you remind me that love is stronger than anything that will ever come against. Bravo my friend!

  4. I have kept letters from important people in my life. It will always be a reminder of that person and the place or situation of that time. I am afraid the younger generation will lose the practice of letter writing. With txting, email and all the different social media outlets it’s quick and easy. The letter takes time, you proof it, make changes to improve it.
    Enjoyed your blog, I hope it encourages someone to take time to put pen to paper.

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