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  1. Wow Sheri,
    Your writing regarding the Hunger Games smacking the world and your Check List resonates with my soul. It has been a heck of a year. Multiple funerals and family events I have not felt safe to attend. I was even screamed at via text for myself and my daughters not attending a family birthday party with multiple people that flew in to Ohio from Texas and Florida… all this when I was nine days out of surgery and wracked with pain.
    Six weeks ago, I had my knee opened up to replace one of the new parts put in two years ago. My husband had his knee replaced a week ago. I am thankful for our two wonderful daughters who are here caring for us. One returned with her cat from Manhattan in August. She had Covid19 when it first hit NYC, was very sick, is ok now, and went through the time when ambulances screamed out in NYC…. all day and all night, day after day. Those sirens were warning the rest of us what was coming. Too many did not listen, and still cannot open their brains to understand the danger permeating the planet.
    I am also very thankful for the medical folks that have helped, and yet I cringe, shower, and keep doing laundry around some of the physical therapy folks for myself and my husband. I think they are tired. I am tired. We all are tired.
    Bless your beautiful heart and your right on, inspirational writing Sheri Myers. You lift many boats!
    With love and a heart enriched by your influence,
    Paddy Shaffer

    1. Paddy,
      you have shown up as a warrior on so many fronts…I deeply appreciate your warm words, and your honest share about the crises you have been facing. I love you.

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